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Al Jadeed TV


Published: 8 years ago

Category: Lebanon

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Al Jadeed, formerly known as New TV, is a 24-hour pan-Arab station broadcasting from Lebanon offering general-interest programming in the Arabic language. Al Jadeed was launched on 4 October 2001 in Lebanon and the Arab world. On 9 May 2005, Al Jadeed was also launched in America and the Pacific, reaching Arab speaking emigrants in the United States, South America and Australia
Succeeded “New TV” earn a high proportion of viewers and this result being a platform for freedom as well as to satisfy the desires of the public to follow the strategy by being a mirror that reflects his opinion.
Programs, “New TV” focused on news and current events in broadcast social values and aspirations of the Arab people.
In early 2007, there was a twist on our registered Frb name of the channel to become a “new” instead of “New TV”.
Continued the “new” channel gain more viewers despite strong competition from local TV stations and has received the highest percentage Show in Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.
In the month of Ramadan in 2010, the “new” channel recorded the highest percentage of viewers in the media market in Lebanon.
In 2011, there has been a radical change in brand mixed significantly in the development of identity and media bag and a bouquet of programs.
The “new” channel has become a modern phenomenon in the local and Arab media as it is distinguished by the professionalism, transparency and already the media, and a beacon of free thinkers and decision-makers and researchers.
Today, the “new” first channel in Lebanon with the continued rise in the number of viewers in the Arab countries.

Street Address
Street 1 : Watta Al-Moussaitbeh – Jabal Al Arab St.
Street 2 : P.O Box: 11

Postal Code
Middle East
+961 (0)1 303 300
+961 (0)1 818 389
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Social Media
4 October 2001
News TV
Tahsin Khayat
Lebanon; also available in theArab World, European Union,Canada, United States, Australia and Americas
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5 Responses to “Al Jadeed TV”

  1. التاحية: بالنسبة للباس الجديد هون في البارازيل سياء للغاية داءم فتئتيش بلصوت والصورة و بالاخص في البس المباشرا

  2. v88.ca says:

    I used Audacity to remove the noise, clear up
    the tracks and separate into particular person tracks , labored great.

  3. i like your channel ,i like your political stile about Palestine and Syria and Lebanese issues , your entertainment program ,we are still with Rab3ah is excellent ,sorry i am living in Canada ,Palestinian origin 75 years old ..,thanks ,for your effort to keep us communicate with our countries .

  4. linda saba says:

    With regard to the series Laila, played late at night, we are seeing repeats of the same episode instead of the former played series in the mornings.some I have seen 3 times. Please be more attentive to put the next episode and avoid repetition. thank you in advance

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