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Blue Nile TV


Published: 8 years ago

Category: Sudan

TV Information:

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Description A Cultural TV channel, provide a documentary about a group of Sudanese. It broadcasts a variety of programming including news, cultural programs, entertainment, and sports. While Arabic is the main language of the station, Sudan TV also broadcasts some English programming as well as several shows in southern Sudanese languages. The Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation, a governmental organization, is the country’s only television broadcaster. It supervises and monitors all programming, and requires news broadcasts to reflect official government policies. A censor is present at Sudan TV’s offices to ensure that their broadcasts are aligned with government views.
Genre Cultural TV
Language Arabic
Country Sudan
Continent Middle East
Email info@bnile.tv adv@bnile.tv
Satellite Badr 5 Nilesat 101 (ADD)
Official website http://www.bnile.tv/

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  1. Mae says:

    Like this

  2. IMED says:

    هل ستبثون مبارات التراجى التونسي و المريخ الرجاء الرد والف شكر

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