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Qatar TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Qatar

TV Information:

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Description Qatar TV Online Featuring the latest in fresh video content, Qatar. TV is the ultimate online destination for everything Qatar.  Qatar Watch Qatar TV Channels Qatar TV Streaming. Qatar TVvideo and news clips from the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project. Qatar TV from Qatar is also on these satellites : AsiaSat 5, Badr 4, Arabsat 5C, Hot Bird 9, Nilesat 102, Atlantic Bird 7, NSS 7, Hispasat 1C, Galaxy 19.
Genre National TV
Language Arabic
Location Monplaisir
Country Qatar
Continent Middle East
Telephone +974 4489 4444
Satellites AsiaSat 5
Badr 5
Badr 4
Arabsat 5C
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C
Nilesat 102
Eutelsat 7 West A
Hispasat 1C
Galaxy 19  
Email info@qatar-tv.net
Official website http://www.qatar-tv.net/

4 Responses to “Qatar TV”

  1. Lisa says:

    What is the name of that show on Qatar TV with the older man and the child puppet? We don’t know Arabic but we get a kick out of the show as it always seems to teach the child a lesson. Just wondering what it is called. Thanks.

  2. AMIR says:

    alsalam o alikom
    how kan I waching sport qatar sport chanal in sweden I interssing waching
    asian football
    shokran för answer

  3. Irshad-Ur-Rehman says:


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    1. Lecture on introduction of Islam.
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    Allah and human Beings,
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),
    Characteristic of Islam,
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    Islamic Economy,
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    (2) Law making on Blasphemy, Quran and Integrity of Mosques.
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