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Ajyal TV


Published: 7 years ago

Category: Cartoon TV, Saudi Arabia

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Ajyal TV
Channel generations of children is a Saudi Arab channel educational entertainment geared to children between the ages of 7 and 15 years and the family in general. Addresses generations of children a wide audience of viewers in the Arab world, Europe and in the world through the television screen and on the Internet. Produced generations of children about 60% of the programs broadcast by over 20 hours a day, and pick the rest of the programs very carefully in the global market for production and distribution. Generations of children are welcomed to consolidate space Arab and Islamic identity, and to address and dialogue and knowledge of the other, learning and discovery and entertainment. Channel that offers a variety of programs including magazines educational and recreational games and animation world, it also offers interactive programs with children unique in the Arab world. Working generations of children of all ambition to become a channel of reference for Arab children and families both Arab through their on-screen, or through interaction with its website, a site entertaining multimedia educational and easy to visit. Channel started generations of children left on September 9, 2009 open air on satellite, Arabsat and Nilesat and Hotbrd covers broadcast television the Arab world and Europe as they are distributed by many cable companies in Europe.
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Arabsat 5A
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