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Al Mayadeen TV


Published: 7 years ago

Category: Lebanon

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Al Mayadeen TV News Network is an Arab media network.Al Mayadeen TV on the slogan “the reality as it is” committed to the transfer of fact and opinion in the world is still in dire straits. Graduated fields in a critical political moment in the history of the area to be on the scale of the challenge, a new introduction notification committed to the issues of patriotism, nationalism and humanity, within the template of professional journalistic objectivity. Containing fields a variety of talk shows and cultural and intellectual, aims to address the Arab mind language sanity and build bridges of dialogue and knowledge, taking advantage of the techniques of Modern Media and Alternative Chbeckh with visual media, for the speech appropriate for all ages and cultures, speech rejects discrimination and racism of all kinds, and is committed to a compass and a single refers to the liberation of the land and the Arab rights, both within the framework brings us to the whole world and isolates us. In network media fields also names illuminated known to the Arab public and loved them, and promising new Ojoha and distinct including Hamas would give the channel new and veteran experience. Names cooperate in order to provide the best information and news and more accurate and comprehensive. In order to re-direction of the helm of the Arab media to the port of the public’s demands and views and concerns, in the march of news Arab viewer will be part of it, not consuming him. Network media fields: Lighting on yesterday, and the passage of the “reality as it is” and imagine making tomorrow also aspires scenes that have
Kaziwa St. Malik Mahmoud Road
Postal Address
Middle East
+961 (0)1 390 2089
11 June 2012
Official website
Arabsat 2B
Badr 4
Eutelsat 25A
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C
Eutelsat 7 West A
Galaxy 19
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