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Al Sumaria TV


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Iraq, News TV

TV Information:

Alsumaria aspires to quality, creativity and commitment to a high level of professionalism. In this context, do our best in order to weave a special relationship Iraqi scenes and accompany him in the joys and sorrows station in order to be “friendly” relied upon to provide the most honest, honesty and commitment to inclusive national handwriting image. So we rely media plan and network programs that support the workshop reconstruction, and the application process, and achieve national unity and encourage all that would be considered a better tomorrow. Broadcasts around the clock weekly programs bearing the signature “Alsumaria production.” Sumerian also aspires to achieve every Iraqi house on Tusbandath different political, religious or social, to attract Arab viewers and immigrants Iraqis wherever they are across the blue ball. In order to achieve this goal Sumerian proceeded to broadcast more than one satellite and over the internet.
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