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Sahar TV 2


Published: 4 years ago

Category: Iran

TV Information:

TV Logo
TV Name
Sahar TV 2
Sahar TV is an Iranian television channel broadcasting by satellite to foreign countries. Emanation of the Foreign Service of the National Iranian Radio and Television (IRIB), Sahar Universal Network, established in 1997, is now responsible for the production of emissions. Sahar TV is divided since 2005 into two channels (Sahar TV1 and TV2 Sahar) and six courses (English, French, Kurdish, Urdu, Bosnian and Azeri). The objectives of this chain are to counter the influence of Western media, that the Iranian authorities consider biased and agressive1, and propagate a different view of the Iranian nation, political and religious structures (based on Shia Islam) and its founding principles, initiated by Imam Khomeini.
Azeri service was the first to emerge, followed by the Bosnian service (issued even before the establishment of Sahar Universal Network). Kurdish service began broadcasting in 1997, as was the service in English, and were followed by the service in French in 1999 and 20011 in Urdu. French service began broadcasting its first episode on April 9 1999 Confined to 30 minutes daily in its infancy (national anthem followed by verses from the Koran, the television news and reports), it is gradually extending its hours and now broadcasts 1 30 hours of daily programs aired in the morning and late in the soirée2 redistributed. The program schedule consists of a daily newspaper than twenty minutes, a press review, debate and political programs reflect the views of the Iranian government, but also series, documentaries, reports and religieuses2 of emissions.
Among the productions include Sahar TV series including Ghaem-Maghame Farahani, Mohammad-Reza Varzi, Seghatolislam, Ghasem-Zadeh of Hojjat-Asl, or White pages (French title), Hasan Madadian, broadcast in Farsi (Persian ) sub-titre3. French service is intended primarily for European francophone populations, African and Near Eastern, which capture its satellite broadcasts.
In France, in February 2005, the dissemination of anti-Semitic programs have earned her interdite4 be and not be taken on any cable network, satellite or ADSL package, even if it remains accessible DTH.
English service, born in 1997, broadcasts four hours per day3. He takes a similar concept and is organized in a newscast, debates, reports and series. Faith-based programs are an important consideration, whether in the form of Koranic recitations, Quran exegesis, series covering the lives of the martyrs and heroes Shiites or debates about the place of Islam in the everyday life.
Emissions are produced in Arabic by the Foreign Service of the National Iranian Radio and Television, but are running on specific channels, Al-Kawthar TV and Al-Alam News Network.
Street Address
Mansour St.
Shahid Motahhari Ave.
Postal/Zip Code
Language English, French, Azeri, Bosnian, Kurdish, Urdu 
Middle East
+98 (0)21 2216 2854 / 2887
+98 (0)21 2204 9513
Official website
Express AM22
Badr 5
Eutelsat 25A
Nilesat 102  (ADD)
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